Labor & Birth

Offering Comprehensive Prenatal, Labor and Birth, Postpartum, Newborn and Lactation Care

Empowering Natural Birth Experience

Your Certified and Licensed Midwife Supports Labor Your Way

When you choose care from a licensed midwife at Alba Birth Center, you will receive an experienced specialist who is comfortable with all variations of normal birth. We allow women to deliver in positions that are instinctive and natural to them. We encourage squatting, birth stools, and water birth. Women in our care are not confined to their backs during delivery. Women in labor at Alba Birth Center walk freely unencumbered by monitors and IVs, they eat and drink freely and enjoy many comfort measures found in no other place in the Fox Valley area.

Our standard protocols include:
  • A skilled team to support the whole family
  • A doula included for every mother
  • Birth photography if desired
  • Exquisite surroundings with beautiful large birth pools
  • IVs, medications, resuscitative equipment, and other medical interventions only when medically indicated
  • Monitoring with Doppler auscultation
  • Optimal cord clamping
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact for mother and baby
  • Non-separation of mother and baby
  • Expert lactation care
Birth pool

We Will Provide You With the Best Comfort Measures During Your Labor

From nitrous oxide (gas and air) to aromatherapy, you can rely on the team at Alba Birth Center to handle your natural labor needs with utmost care. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with excellent comfort measures that make a natural birth possible and empowering! Contact us today for more details.

We offer a wide range of comfort measures for labor and birth:
  • Acupressure and massage
  • Herbs and homeopathy
  • Sterile water injections
  • TENS units
  • Aromatherapy
  • Doula support
  • Hydrotherapy in specialty tubs
  • Nitrous oxide (gas and air)
  • Birth balls and birthing stools

Water Birth Pools

You will be pleased to know that we have specialty birthing pools that are specifically designed by a midwife for a safe water birth or hydrotherapy in labor. Our pools have ever-warm technology, ozone self-cleaning technology, and underwater lighting so we can see the baby emerge beautifully. The water submersion allows a laboring mother to instantly relax during labor.
Birth pool
Birth pool
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