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Our Gentle and Evidence-Based Newborn Care is Unsurpassed

The typical hospital care model gives pediatric care in-patient by a pediatric team that you have never met, and there are currently no baby-friendly hospitals in our area. We are proud to adhere to all of the baby-friendly requirements at Alba Birth Center, and your midwife is also your baby’s primary care provider. Optimal care treats mother and baby as inter-dependent, promotes breastfeeding and an uninterrupted first-hour post birth. Your baby will never be taken away, will never go to a nursery, will never have any medical procedure without your clear consent, and will be treated with only the gentlest touch.

It is our firm belief that a peaceful and respectful birth and post-birth experience for a baby, vitally shapes the person he/she becomes. We are proud to offer babies with the perfect start to their lives, in the arms of their mothers. 

Unique Lactation Program in Appleton, WI

Alba Birth Center offers a unique Lactation Program in Appleton and the surrounding areas. Here, our midwives provide primary care to a mother and a newborn while also being International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. The IBCLC is the highest certification for a lactation consultant and the gold standard for moms and babies.

This means that if your baby is not thriving or needs special treatment for tongue-tie or you are having physical needs, the same gentle and experienced provider can assess all these issues and create a treatment plan that is successful for the mother and the baby. At Alba Birth Center, we have a 100% breastfeeding initiation rate, and at 3rd month, 95% of our mothers are still exclusively breastfeeding. The majority of our mothers continue to breastfeed for at least a year. These statistics are unheard of, and we are proud to lead the way on breastfeeding in our area!

Our unique lactation care is offered FREE of charge to any mother in need in the community. You can be seen within 48 hours to get your breastfeeding relationship on the right track, regardless of where you have given birth, or even if you have never been seen in our office before.
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